My Work

What do I do? I mean, what do I actually do? So far, for right now–I create a little bit of jewelry which you can find here: Chilou Jewelry

Is this all I do? Well, no, but I am slow to do other things. I like to paint. I have a few mosaics under my belt but am hesitant to offer them for sale (they are made of candy and I fear may not be colorfast yet–I’m working on this).

I have the outline and story board for a graphic novel but I need to learn to draw really well (that’s going to take another lifetime).

I actually have a muse for the portrait painting I like to do–just looking for time.

I have and idea for a ‘serious’ painting series that I am terrified to start (and lack a bit of the funds to buy mounds of black paint and canvases).

I LOVE to tell tiny stories through animation, but shit, that’s not going to happen…

So for now I am content(ish) to work with fire and metal to create wearable pieces for friends and Etsy. Trust me, I’ll let you know when I get around to doing more.