I’m warning you now, Where’s My Muse? will be a brain salad tossed to a bloody pulp with too many ingredients that seemingly don’t go well together.

Where’s My Muse? will be written like how my brain works and for that maybe I should apologize. But I bet there are many who’s thoughts peruse the same windy and twisty paths to come up with ridiculous ideas, projects, or unattainable goals that just need to be pared down to something doable.

I used to think I was waiting for inspiration but lately I’ve realized that’s not the case. I’m too inspired and too interested in everything. I don’t have the time to sort through it all! The TIME. And the language. And maybe the guts and the money—I’m a little short on those too. And I’m very short on the expertise it takes to see some of my ideas through to completion. Which circles me back to TIME–I don’t have to the time to get the expertise. Or is this a lame excuse (it  is)?

So I want to hash it out here. My theories, my experiences, my friends’ experiences–that’s what this is all about. I have a ton of creative friends. Some produce art all the time, the vast majority of us struggle to even make time. I’m exploring the process, the procrastination, the struggle. Maybe hearing these stories will help the uninspired find inspiration. Maybe hearing these stories will help those who can’t make the time realize they have it (that makes no sense–see the ‘lacking language’ part above). Maybe we can just wallow in the mire of unrealized ideas or set them out into the universe for someone else to pick up. I’d be cool with that.